Rheumatoid arthritis produces various deformities. The implementation of a surgical treatment will require to check your medical treatment before surgery, in collaboration with your specialist rheumatologist. Painful and severe arthritis  can be fixed by arthrodesis techniques. It is all the more advised when deformities are pronounced. Isolated motor deficit with peripherical neurologic involvement as well as severe tendon lesionsContinue reading “BONES & JOINTS DEFORMITIES”

Foot & Ankle: biomechanics

Ankles support weight of the body.  Their tridimensional motion plane is sagittal. Constraints are very high. Talus, distal tibia and the medial malleolus delimits the joint. Articular capsule and ligaments give stability. Muscles and their aponeuroses  provide the movement. Foot architecture is sometimes represented as the model of a torsion bar. There are three main contact points (posterior, anteromedialContinue reading “Foot & Ankle: biomechanics”

Generalities about fracture treatments

 Many treatments exist to promote and support bones and joints consolidation, as well as treat non-union and other chronic and degenerative lesions. Treatment options can be: conservative: infiltrations, dressings, plasters, splints and techniques of early rehabilitation surgical: various tissue repair techniques that may require implants such as anchors, plates, wires, screws, nails, joint arthroplasty, external fixator. Sometimes, a boneContinue reading “Generalities about fracture treatments”