Generalities about fracture treatments

 Many treatments exist to promote and support bones and joints consolidation, as well as treat non-union and other chronic and degenerative lesions.

Olecranon fracture
Olecranon fracture

Treatment options can be:

  • conservative: infiltrations, dressings, plasters, splints and techniques of early rehabilitation
  • surgical: various tissue repair techniques that may require implants such as anchors, plates, wires, screws, nails, joint arthroplasty, external fixator. Sometimes, a bone graft is helpful.
Ankle osteosynthesis with plate and screws
Ankle osteosynthesis with plate and screws
external fixator foot ankle
external fixator ankle

Your surgeon will discuss with you the best option for you. 

The treatment involves a multi-disciplinary team: surgeon, medics, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and others…

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